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brings quality design and development for print and web within reach to those who are dedicated to preserving and evolving culture.

We think of our clients as culture caretakers and culture makers: those who preserve, protect, and evolve the history we hold dear, our communities and institutions that are under attack today, and the best, most socially-just future we can imagine.

We work with nonprofit and for-profit orgs and individuals who champion and serve causes like low-cost/free and equal education for all, affordable housing, respect of historic neighborhoods and/or indigenous communities, and public accessibility to fine arts.

Check out this interview with our founder over at Uptima Business Bootcamp.

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Marketing teams:
take back precious time and amplify your message.

You're our specialty.

Identafire’s first-hand experience working with change-making marketing professionals tells us a few important things: your working hours are at a premium and you need to spend them crafting your message; you feel a real need for a creative touch and it often falls to you personally to make that happen; and you value working with design professionals to achieve the full impact of your message.

Take back the time you spend fighting with Word and PowerPoint to create "good enough" marketing collateral.

Look familiar?

3/4: Meetings

1/4: Time to do my actual work ... if I'm Lucky.

pie chart: 3/4 meetings, 1/4 work

Build the kind of close relationship you'd have with an in-house designer.

We're on your team.

Relationship-building is the core of our business philosophy. Our Design+Production packages allow us to be accessible and ready to help out as needed.

Maybe your previous website redesign didn't go as well as you'd hoped. Maybe your previous design team is too busy now. When you need new creative help, whatever the reason, ideally it’s from an agency you already have a relationship with. We understand you don’t know us yet, so we're honored and excited to take on smaller projects for as long as you’d like.

If and when the time comes to rebuild your website from the ground up, we'll be there for you. See our Design+Development packages for more info.

This could
be us:

hands in the shape of a heart

We know print. We know web. Your assets will look great on any platform.

We're full service.

Get all the sizes and formats you need, and know what it will cost to get more. Outrageous resize charges no more! Once each design asset is finalized, we’ll get to work building out all the sizes you need for the foreseeable future. Need a size that wasn't planned for? We've got your working files on hand and will turn the resize around ASAP.


sizes and formats



$75.00 per hour

We’ll make some great work and get to know each other.

Day-to-day tasks like sales sheets, postcards, reports, proposal templates, web ads, print ads, social media ads, featured images for blog posts, and similar projects. We’re on it.

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$125.00 per hour

Let’s take the leap and execute that landmark project!

Rebrand. Refresh/redesign your site. Create a new logo. Brand a new product line. Create the look and feel of a new campaign. We design and code custom, responsive, self-serviceable websites from scratch.

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work samples

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berkeleyside logo

Web Design+Development

Live Site | Images

40 Hours

“Berkeleyside has worked with Aaron Joseph on several projects, and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with him. Aaron is professional, creative and accommodating, as well as responsive, unflappable and punctual. I have been happy to recommend him to others looking for a reliable web designer. We're excited to continue working with Aaron as he launches Identafire.”

—Tracey Taylor
Co-Founder, Berkeleyside

san francisco bay guardian logo

Editorial Layout+Design


30 Hours

”Aaron has been incredible to work with on every stage of our projects, from creative conception to on-schedule execution. We're excited to continue working with Aaron as he launches Identafire!“

— Marke Bieschke
Publisher, 48 Hills, SF Bay Guardian

math solutions course listing system thumbnail
math solutions logo

Web Design+Development

Course List | Home Page

30 Hours (Course Listing System)

We have worked with Aaron on a variety of design projects over the past two years, from ongoing website strategy and development to email and digital collateral concepts and execution. Aaron brings boundless creativity, well-honed design skills, and savvy technical expertise to every project he works on, and he has been a valued collaborator through many of our digital marketing initiatives. In addition to his creative talent, Aaron has a meticulous eye for detail, the ability to manage time and projects efficiently, and can be nimble as both opportunities and issues arise. He communicates clearly and persuasively at all levels of an organization, making him a wonderful asset to any team.

Renee Hammonds,
Digital Marketing Manager, Math Solutions

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pivot learning logo

Printed Marketing Collateral



“We have worked with Aaron on a variety of print and digital design projects. Aaron is adept at working with our distributed team—leveraging technology to support backlog prioritization, workflow oversight, feedback collection, and general communication. He balances providing creative recommendations with taking explicit design direction, all with a positive and professional attitude. We’re eager to continue collaborating with Aaron and Identifire on our design needs.”

—Marketing Team,
Pivot Learning


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