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Our story

Identafire extends the reach and impact of your message and mission with truly exceptional visual design.


• QPOC-Owned

• Oakland-Based

• for Social Justice

Our Story

Identafire was founded in 2017 to do excellent work for clients that our team can feel aligned and in integrity with. Our founder, Aaron Joseph, had previously worked in corporate and freelance design roles that felt counter to his own personal ethics and Identafire was created to be the antidote. Design is persuasive. It has power and it can amplify powerful ideas. As such, there is a responsibility to use that power for the good of all.

Identafire’s mission is to amplify and extend the reach of our clients’ messaging and mission with exceptional design. This may be a non-profit dedicated to eradicating homelessness, or it might be a law firm that prioritizes underserved and underrepresented communities. It might be an independent news publication that wants long-term financial sustainability for itself and its reporters. It could be an IT firm that truly invests in its employees, hires towards equity, and ensures that it is paying its staff a truly livable wage.

Working with such organizations is a privilege. It’s essential to the work we do because we pour ourselves into that work. When we put it out into the world, we have to live the impact it creates. We want it always to be a good impact.

We believe in inclusive design. We listen to the experts: the people for whom something is being designed. We don’t assume. We gather our data directly from constituents. We encourage our clients to engage the people they create reports about when creating such reports.

We are building a tight-knit team of expert designers. If you’re a designer who is passionate about social justice and helping to found a great design team, please, get in touch!

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Aaron Joseph (he/him/they)

Aaron has a strong background in print and digital design, having worked as Creative Director of SF Media Co., a Web Producer at the SF Symphony, and a Web Designer at Motorola. A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has analog printmaking, fiber art, and artmaking leanings and interests that inform his design work and ethos. Aaron was born and raised in the East Bay to a Black father with Southern roots and a white mother who is the first-generation daughter of Latvian immigrants. His identity as a Black, Queer person–in a society where the idea that whiteness is “normal” and “default” went unquestioned until very recently–has informed his art and design from high school through to his career today.