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Welcome to the mask shop! Please consider sponsoring a mask for the Homeless Youth Alliance’s staff members and/or clients! We are hiring local makers to sew the Homeless Youth Alliance staff masks. We are also working with Piikup—a Black woman-owned delivery and logistics services company based in Oakland—to move them around the Bay Area!

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Sponsored Mask Project Progress

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Here is a breakdown of costs for the sponsored masks. Our goals are A) to provide masks for HYA Staff (as many as we can make free for them by selling sponsored masks) and Clients (these will always be free as we will only make as many masks as have been sponsored and/or as we are able to provide them at our own cost), B) provide well-paid work (about $30/hr based on sewing 4 masks an hour, or $7.50/mask) to local makers here in the Bay Area, and C) to create a sustainable model for the above in a manner in which our mask efforts are sustainable for our business so we can keep those efforts going for as long as is needed.

Identafire is a Black and Queer-owned business.
Our founder was born and raised in the Bay Area.

Thank you to Shannon Williamson (no affiliation with Identafire or this shop) for the pattern our masks are based on.

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