Welcome to our Mask Store! We have decided to serve our local community by making masks. We want to make them accessible to those in need, with our focus centered on people of color who are queer and/or trans here in the East Bay Area. COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting these communities. As a QPOC, black-owned business, these are our communities. Anyone who needs a mask is eligible. Our ability to provide masks free of charge will depend on how many customers choose to sponsor a mask. If you need a mask or know someone who does, please follow and message us on Instagram @identafire and we’ll do our best!

Our masks are handmade by one person (me, myself, and I), so stock may fluctuate as I am able to make time to make masks. Thanks for your patience and thanks for joining us in taking care of each other.

Thank you to Shannon Williamson (no affiliation with Identafire or this shop) for the pattern our masks are based on.

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