Please consider sponsoring a mask for someone who needs one!"> Please consider sponsoring a mask for someone who needs one!"> Please consider sponsoring a mask for someone who needs one!" />

Little Gray Flowers Goth Mask



All masks are made of pre-shrunk 100% cotton fabric.* This mask is best for larger faces. I’m a 38-year old cis male with a head that is on the big side–you know, like the TV stars, they have big heads–and it fits me perfectly. I measured from one ear to the other across the tip of my nose and got 11 inches. It’s a little loose on our model here, who’s head is about the size of my mom’s, who is a tall woman with an average-sized head for a woman, I think?

Please consider sponsoring a mask for someone who needs one!

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  • 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric*
  • Choice of 100% cotton* fabric ties or Elastic Straps
  • Filter pocket (filter not included)
  • Nose bridge pocket with wire to shape to your face for a more snug fit (one piece of wire included, make sure to remove it when washing)
  • Handmade by your friendly neighborhood QPOC designer/artist/maker

*Thread used in the construction of this mask may not be cotton. It may be polyester, a blend, or other material.

This mask is NOT intended for medical use. It is meant to be used as a “cloth face cover” as recommended by the CDC. We make no claims or guarantees when it comes to protection or filtration of viruses, germs, bacteria, particles, or other material, airborne or not.

This mask is adapted from this pattern by Shannon Williamson of the University of Minnesota.

Use and Care

  • Wash Your Mask in Hot Water Before Using
  • Tie the mask securely behind your head above your ears and at the base of the head, covering your nose and mouth with the mask
  • Be sure to remove any filter material before washing
  • Be sure to remove the piece of wire from the nose bridge pocket before washing, or it will likely break
  • You may use mask filter inserts purchased online, or use this pattern to create your own filter

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .5 in

Large, Medium, Small/Kids

Strap Material

Cotton Tie, Elastic, Surprise Me!

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